If you’ve never installed WordPress before and you’d like to but maybe you’re a little scared of installing it (ssh! I won’t tell!), here’s what to do.

Back in 2006 I wrote a post with a little visual tutorial showing how to install WordPress 2.0. WordPress is now at version 4.1.2 and the install process is different.

In fact, most hosts have a little auto-installer option for you, and if installing software isn’t your specialty, I’d recommend logging into your web host’s control panel and clicking on their auto-installer for WordPress option.

For example, here’s how it works for me using my host, Bluehost:

Log into your host’s control panel

You’ll see something like this:


Find the WordPress installer

Keep scrolling down the page until you see this:


Click on the Install WordPress icon or link below it. A new tab will open up.

Click the install button


Carefully decide where to install WordPress


Be careful here – make sure you are installing WordPress where you want it to be installed! If you want it installed at the top level of your website (which is where most people want it to be), then you don’t need to enter anything into the box. Please make sure you don’t have anything there already before clicking the button to install it.

Wait patiently…


You’re done!

You will then receive an email with your username, password and where to login to your new WordPress site.

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