As a follow-up to my blog design trends post, I’m feeling a need to change “big footer” to:

The content-rich footer

Instead of cluttering up the sidebar, why not remove it completely, or keep the main items on there but move everything else to the footer region, organised nicely in multiple columns?

This way, you’ll still have any important links up the top in a sidebar (or, in a top menu) and if a person has scrolled/read down to the bottom of your blog entries, they’re presented with a set of options right there to earlier content, related links etc. They’re at the bottom most likely because they’re interested in reading more. Otherwise, they’ll get to the bottom of the page, and all those sidebar links you were hoping they’d click on are most likely out of sight. They’ll have to scroll back up to see them.

Examples include:

Viatrax, If Else, Business Logs, Dennis Bullock, Andry Huzain, Juque, Ordered List, Shaun Andrews, Subtraction.

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