I have started to come across a number of new subscription initiatives which bring back the joy of getting snail mail (because let’s face it, most mail is now bills or junk mail unless you’ve been shopping online lately.)

Letters in the Mail – receive real letters from authors each week.

Postcard Poets – poetry from new and established poets.

Whimsey Box – get a box of craft samples each month, the website providing ideas and tutorials for using those samples.

Kiwi Crate – get a crate with a fun themed activity for kids each month.

The Thing Quarterly – each year, four artists, writers, musicians or filmmakers will create you a useful object.

Quarterly – receive a blend of original, exclusive, and consumer items that are timeless, practical, exciting, and fly under the radar.

“What we’re selling is an experience, something akin to the feeling of getting a letter in the mail from a friend. But instead of a friend, it’s someone you admire or find interesting, and instead of a letter, it’s an awesome gift.”

Loose Button – get beauty product samples in the mail each month.

(Thanks for the suggestions over at Swiss Miss!)

I particularly love the concept originating out of a website or blog (such as Letters in the Mail below), and like the intertwining of the physical and online realms that Whimsey Box offers: a community with a shared passion of crafting sharing something physically and then digitally.

I began thinking of some of my favorite blogs that I read and tried to imagine what I’d get from them in the mail regularly (which wasn’t purely a magazine/newspaper/book based on their blog posts).

For example, imagine Oh So Beautiful Paper sending you four cards a month – one themed for a particular upcoming holiday or season, one for a birthday, one for a thank you note and any occasion card so you could plan to use the cards during the year.  I’d love that!

Imagine your favorite food blog sending you a little box with all the ingredients in it to cook one of their recipes, along with a recipe card?  (My sister gave me a brilliant Christmas present: a calendar with ethnic foods for each month of the year, and gave us the ingredients for January.  She’s coming over on Friday night to cook it with us!)

Forgetting logistics and cost for a moment, what would be something you’d love to regularly get in the mail from your favorite blogs?

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