For the last little while, I’ve been thinking about writing a book on blog design. I’ve been doing a little research into the idea and I’ve found that there seems to be a lot of books about WordPress – these are generally quite technical with code and screenshots of WordPress’ admin area and are very detail-oriented. There’s also a bunch of books about how to be a good blogger – advice on writing, tips to get traffic, secrets of making money, how to build a community and so on. There’s also books about pretty designs and design trends, and of course more general books on web design and usability.

I’m looking forward to reading Joy Cho’s book Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community later this year. Blogging for Creatives: How designers, artists, crafters and writers can blog to make contacts, win business and build success also looks promising.

Given that there are so many blogs in the world, I am left wondering why there are not more books about blog design – not the technical aspects, but the practical considerations about the various approaches people take for how to display and organize content.

Have you read any books on blogging and blog design that you’d highly recommend? Again, I’m not looking for technical detail-oriented ones, rather books on approaches, ideas and strategies. Please let me know!

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