Here’s some of the blogs I enjoy from my large eclectic collection that I read.

  • Kottke: this is one of the longest running blogs in existence and never disappoints. Jason continues to find interesting and thoughtful things from around the internet.
  • Anil Dashes: I have read his blog for many years now and he never fails to provide enriching, thoughtful posts on technology about how it shapes our culture.
  • Frank Chimero: I really like the way he thinks about the world and the things he discovers and shares. Looking forward to reading his upcoming book too.
  • A List Apart: again, one of the oldest sites in its genre, but has maintained its leadership characteristics. It’s not about cute trends, but about useful methods and thoughtful essays on web design. I am a big fan of their books and would love to attend one of their conferences one day.
  • Method & Craft: while there are a tonne of tutorial type sites out there, I find their tutorials to be original, of a high quality and useful. It’s nice that they only post one or two new tutorials a month, so it’s not overwhelming.
  • Swiss Miss: a never-ending source of beautifully designed and inspiring things.
  • Oh Joy!: a source of beautiful colors, design and inspiration.
  • Pink of Perfection: I love the way Sarah lives out her life and thinks about the world. I like her honesty and the beautiful things she finds.
  • Oh So Beautiful Paper: gorgeous invitations, paper and print design inspiration.
  • Creative Mornings: a video series of talks for creatives.
  • TED Talks: inspiring, original, never a waste of time.
  • Brain Pickings: one of the best blogs that I’ve found for discovering books I love.
  • Junk Charts: I’ve been reading this for years – I’m a huge fan of well-designed graphics so this one is an excellent learning tool for what makes graphics bad.
  • Infosthetics: beautiful graphics and interesting uses of statistics.
  • Ideas on Ideas: opinionated but thoughtful.
  • Be a Fun Mum: Kelly’s blog is full of positive, interesting things you can do as a mother. Best of all, Kelly is super connected with her audience. Leave a comment on there and she’ll reply, send her an email and she’ll reply and then follow up to ask how it went the following week. Nice.
  • The Useful Box: parenting blog with excellent thorough resources.
  • NZ Girl: my friend Marion’s deeply honest journal about life.

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