Each Tuesday this year, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been reading which I have been inspired by or learnt from.

Dictionary of Numbers – provides helpful context to numbers you come across online.

Empathy for Michael Bay’s stagefright. When I saw the video, I’m sorry to say I didn’t feel any empathy. I just couldn’t believe he’d walk off so unprofessionally. I didn’t consider how he was feeling. Perhaps that’s because the video was shot from a distance and I couldn’t see his facials. In any case, this article made me stop and think, and the importance of empathy. It also reminded me of this excellent video on empathy:

The Refugee Project – see how many refugees there are each year, where they’re from and where they’re going to. Gives a broad context to the world’s conflicts and natural disasters which can be hard to make sense of from the news we read elsewhere. Interesting seeing New Zealand refugees going up after the Christchurch earthquake.

Holly Becker writes about returning to her blogging roots:

“There’s so much ambition and hustle out there (often at a huge cost), I see this so much now online, so I want to step out of the ring and drive a return to passion, happiness and sharing: What drove me eight years ago when I launched decor8. The days when possessing merely a love of sharing and a passion for creative living and decorating were at the core.”

We were all driven by very pure things both raw and genuine, not by money, the number of “likes”, growing a massive audience (we didn’t know our potential back then), or some rather disappointing popularity contest. I personally was driven by a need to connect and share and spread joy for something that I truly loved with all of my heart. What drove you? What drives you today?”

And, a geeky link to finish: images of computer code appearing in TV and films and what they really are.

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