Each Tuesday this year, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been reading which I have been inspired by or learnt from.

This Onion article made me chuckle at how close it is to reality:

“While there is certainly buzzworthy content out there, some of which is even snackable, I do think content in general could be more relevant, more bite-size, and make a stronger brand impression with trending keywords and a more responsive design,” poll respondent Mark Zeligman told reporters, noting that the last piece of content he came across was an infographic that was neither flexible, timely, viral, nor engineered to maximize reader engagement. “After all, can we honestly say the content that’s out there right now is as buzzworthy and highly shareable as it could be? Does it inform, engage, and convert? Is it digestible? Does it both increase impressions and amplify the brand? I think you’ll find the answer is no.”

The Designer’s Job:

“It’s the designer’s job to first gather and then interpret feedback…while keeping the big picture (and budget) in mind. Without thoughtful analysis you’re not going to design an elegant solution. Instead, you’ll end up with one of two types of solutions: a brute force solution or first-pass solution.

We should definitely listen to users, but only to self report their experience and not to do our jobs for us.”

Do you use WhatsApp? I recently started using it – mainly because I love how quickly I can send my location to someone. Look at how it’s taking off via Google Trends data.

A sobering thought from Seth Godin on how obsessed we get with something then quickly toss it aside. Another reason why I’ve stopped visiting news sites as a daily habit. Pause after reading this:

“Remember that controversy you couldn’t stay close enough to? The one where breaking news, updated comments, emails flying back and forth had you at the edge of your seat?

Now, four weeks later, you’re no longer even checking to see what’s new.

Is it that the crisis changed or your need for reassurance did?”

Jason Santa Maria on “design trends such as flat design, parallax and side menus”:

“Trends are kind of shit, IMO. Design needs to serve a message. Style isn’t design.”

The end of the Facebook era is worth reading and the following quote resonated with me – especially the parts highlighted in bold. (Note that it is written by the founder of the new social networking app called Secret.)

“Now that social networking has become universal, we’ve become increasingly sensitive to what we share on Facebook. Speaking on a stage in front of a mixed audience of family, friends, and acquaintances makes it hard for most of us to be our genuine and authentic selves. As a result, we tend to see people sharing only their proudest moments in an attempt to portray their best selves. We filter too much, and with that, we lose real human connection.

As your Facebook network becomes saturated, it can feel very public. It puts the focus on managing your image, rather than truly bonding with people. Young startups like Snapchat are providing shelter from the institution of Facebook by serving as a place where you can express yourself comfortably. A place where you don’t feel like your every move is being watched.”

A subject close to my heart: using statistics to test webdesign theories.

And, a funny little video to finish off with:

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