Food blogging course

Are you ready to launch your dream food blog?

Yes, let’s do this together! You can be a food blogger and start sharing your recipes, stories and photos with readers around the world.

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What we’ll be covering step-by-step:

Module 1: Define Your Vision

Get these foundations right and you’ll save yourself many hours of wasted time and money. I’ll share plenty of stories.

Module 2: Create Your Brand

Define your brand, successfully name your dream food blog, find your domain name, set the style/tone/colors/fonts.

Module 3: Set Your Budget

My recommendations for what you need to get going and uncover the little costs which can add up if you’re not careful.

Module 4: Plan Your Content

Types of posts, key elements of successful food blogs, essential pages and information to include.

Module 5: Create Your Content

Plan, create, cook, photograph and write your first blog post.

Module 6: Set Up Your Food Blog

Consider this your step-by-step recipe with all the ingredients laid out for you: domain name, hosting, backups, maintenance, installing WordPress, WordPress starter guide and how to actually blog so that your recipes are loved by your readers plus optimized for Google, Yummly, Pinterest, printing, emailing and more.

Module 7: Select Your Food Blog Theme

It’s a crazy theme jungle out there. I’ve save you many hours of aimless wandering and show you how to choose a theme the right way, avoiding all the lemons.

Module 8: Customize Your Food Blog Theme

Aligning your theme with your brand. Designing your recipe index properly. Essential plugins for food bloggers and what to avoid.

Module 9: Build Your Audience

Blogging workflow, SEO, email marketing, social networking, nurturing community and understanding Google Analytics. Without going nuts.

Module 10: Monetize Your Food Blog

My advice for ads, sponsors, products, services, and financial record-keeping.

We won’t be covering: how to cook/create recipes, how to photograph food and how to edit your photos. I’ll give some general pointers and link to some fantastics resources if you want to up your cooking, writing, photography and editing skills.