Latest Version: January 2024

Organizing Recipes Workbook

From Cluttered Chaos to Calm

Congratulations! You have been blogging for a while and have built up a decent collection of recipes. Even better, you have a loyal following of readers who love what you do.

However, perhaps your recipe index has grown to be an overwhelming, cluttered mess. Behind the scenes, you have been using categories and tags in a haphazard way, and they too are becoming unruly.

It’s worth taking the time to step back and take a strategic approach to organize your recipes. I liken this process to a complete pantry reorganization. You take everything out of your pantry, throw out of all the expired goods, get new containers and labels, decant remaining dry goods, wipe down all the surfaces, and put everything back on the shelves in a way that groups like items and makes the most sense for how often they’re used.

Your recipe index needs to make sense for your readers and their needs. It should help them quickly find what they’re looking for and encourage them to spend more time exploring recipes that interest them.

And, the way your recipes are organized needs to work well for you. It should be easy and clear for you to know how to easily categorize your future recipes effortlessly.

How you choose to organize your recipes impacts your recipe index design and layout, the types of navigation options to use, and how to present related recipe content to readers.

In this 31-page workbook, you’ll learn how to organize your recipes.

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