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Custom WordPress Themes

Hi there!

We’re Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman, a dynamic brother and sister team specializing in custom WordPress site design and development.

For over 20 years, we’ve been creating successful sites for hundreds of clients worldwide. We create beautiful, fast sites based on a clear strategy, research, and data science.

We know WordPress.

What we do:


We help you make a memorable, meaningful first impression. We create logos, brand guides, and associated collateral for social media, print, presentations, and products.

Custom WordPress Websites

Our start-to-finish process delivers easy-to-use custom WordPress website design and development optimized for your needs, with clean, flexible, SEO-friendly themes and high-quality code from our expert team.

Design Food Package

Our semi-custom theme design and site setup, customized with your logo, colors, and typography.

Care Plans

We remove technical stress and let you focus on your business. Whether your site isn’t working properly, you need help with code, want to add a plugin, or keep your site up-to-date, we help quickly and efficiently. We’re calm, friendly, and fantastic at tackling these issues.

Frustrated with your current site?

You have all these ideas to grow your business but feel weighed down by everything your current website isnt doing right. You want an easy-to-use mobile-friendly clean, fast, and search-engine optimized site.

Youre ready to redesign, but youre nervous. Maybe youre thinking, Will my web designer be able to figure out what I want, even if I cant quite picture it yet myself? Will they get to know me and my business even care about it?” You might be worried that making changes could hurt your SEO or worse, your income but know you cant stay stuck with what you have.

You’re in safe hands here.

We get that a new site is a big investment of your money, time, and often, emotions. We spend time getting to the heart of why your site exists and what it needs to do before designing a custom WordPress website that is optimized to grow your business.

We really care about our clients and their success. They say some lovely things about us. Wed love to work with you too!


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