The Process

We are taking new clients. Allow 9-12 weeks from kick-off to launch for most sites.



The process begins with you completing our design survey and having an introductory call to discuss the project. Next, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal. If you proceed, you’ll sign a contract and pay an initial deposit. We’ll then schedule your kick-off date — typically within 1-2 months.



You and your team will receive logins for Basecamp, our project management tool. You can access designs, messages, tasks, and milestones through Basecamp. You’ll also get an email copy of all updates. Basecamp also serves as a permanent archive, which is helpful in case of lost emails, onboarding new team members, or referencing past discussions.

You’ll have some initial tasks, such as providing logins, information, and content. To ensure an efficient process, we require all content to be provided before project kick-off.



We’ll have a Zoom call to meet everyone on your team, clarify roles, discuss any remaining onboarding tasks, and answer any questions you may have. Notes from the call will be added to Basecamp, as will notes from other meetings.



We’ll work with you to refine the project goals and determine the key actions you want your website visitors to take. Key performance indicators (KPIs) will be aligned with these goals. We’ll research your brand and target audience.

We’ll carefully read and review all the essential information related to the project and make recommendations for how to effectively present your key messages and content. We consider all relevant factors, including search engine optimization (SEO), mobile,  usability, and accessibility. Our goal is to create a design that not only looks great but also helps you achieve your business objectives.

Allow about a week for this phase.



For projects that include branding, you’ll complete a customized worksheet and have a call to discuss your brand attributes. We’ll research your industry and competitors, then craft a branding statement. Once the statement has been approved, we will work on various design concepts, adjusting the statement as needed. You’ll receive up to three different logo concepts with unlimited revisions until the final design is completed.

We finalize your sitemap and determine how users will navigate your website and the key actions you’d like them to take.

We begin with wireframes to lay out the content, ensuring all necessary elements are present while eliminating unnecessary details. Our goal is to give each element the appropriate prominence to create a clear and engaging user experience. We use Sketch to share design files.

Once the wireframes are approved, we’ll add design elements such as fonts, colors, graphics, and icons to create a polished and visually appealing website that aligns with your brand.

Design templates and the associated style library will be revised until they receive final approval.

Allow about 4-6 weeks for this phase without branding, allow 6-10 weeks with branding.



We convert the designs into a custom WordPress Gutenberg theme built from scratch. Our themes are lightweight, fast, mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines, and easy to update. We set up WordPress, install the necessary plugins to ensure your website functions smoothly and efficiently, and migrate your content. We test your website thoroughly on various devices and browsers to ensure it is fully responsive and functional.

You’ll receive a password-protected link to the site to review and a comprehensive custom user guide.

Allow about 4-6 weeks for this phase.



Once you approve the website and the final invoice is paid, we schedule the site to go live at a mutually agreed upon time.

Allow about an hour for this process to complete.



We’re dedicated to supporting you after your website has launched. Our services include:

  • WordPress Maintenance Package: Keeping your website updated, secure, and running smoothly.
  • Site Updates: Adding new features, making changes, and removing dated elements.
  • Split Tests: Running experiments to enhance user experience and increase opt-ins or other conversions.
  • Additional Services: Print design, SEO, speed optimization, social media campaigns, email campaigns, advertising, and consulting.
  • Support: We offer a highly personalized service, and you can always reach out to us with questions about your website. There is no additional cost for the features and code we write. We provide screen share training calls to review specific sections of the guide, give an overview of the backend setup, and address any questions you may have. We take pride in our quick response times to ensure your website receives the care and attention it deserves.

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