Some services we use ourselves and recommend.

Domains and Hosting

Use Namecheap for your domain names which includes free registration privacy. We recommend MediaTemple and LiquidWeb. When purchasing your hosting, we recommend also purchasing a security certificate.


We recommend and use VaultPress to backup our site. It handles everything for you automatically, including storing the backups on its own external servers.

Mailing lists

We love MailChimp for managing mailing lists, newsletters and sending blog posts via email. It’s customizable, social media integrated and has helpful analytics.

We’re also checking out ConvertKit which has some great features for email marketing which are currently hard to do on MailChimp.


Akismet really improved the spam situation for bloggers. If you’re running a non-business personal site, it’s free. The low cost otherwise is worth the valuable time you’re saving not dealing with spam.


We regularly use Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress. It makes creating forms so much simpler and it’s packed full of powerful features and integrations.

Comment systems

We recommend Disqus for social media integration and rich functionality. Benefits include social media login, notifications, top discussions/commenters, voting, anti-spam and moderation measures.

Rachel Cunliffe

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