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We work with some of the best food bloggers: David Lebovitz, Chocolate & Zucchini, Natasha's Kitchen, Once Upon a Chef, Cooking Classy, and many more. We’d love to work with you too!

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How we help you with a new Food Blog design

Your website will be responsive and mobile-friendly, and more than that: user-friendly

Last year, Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm. Google said this will have a “significant impact in our search results”.

How will this impact your food blog? Take a look at your Google Analytics data and check out how much Google mobile traffic your blog has been doing recently. What’s the trend like before and after April 21, 2015? If your food blog design isn’t mobile-friendly, that mobile traffic is likely to decrease over time as Google promotes mobile-friendly sites over non-mobile friendly sites.

Ensuring your food blog design is mobile-friendly (aka responsive) is bigger than SEO. Since more and more people are cooking from recipes on their phones and tablets, it’s vital to make it easy to browse, read and use your recipes on them. Not all responsive websites are user-friendly – things can be hard to click on, slow loading or confusing to navigate.

Your recipes will be well-organized with multiple ways to explore them

One of the great things about food blogs is that old content is almost always as relevant and useful as new content. Over time, you’ll have built up a lot of recipes and reorganizing them effectively will help keep visitors on your site for longer.

There’s no one right way to organize recipes: it depends on what you blog about and what’s important to your visitors. Options include organizing by course, season, cuisine style, dietary requirements, popularity, ingredient and difficulty. Renowned authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg organize theirs uniquely by flavor pairings.

Your recipes will be easy-to-read, print, pin and share (and Google-friendly)

Time and time again, food bloggers tell us that this is what they want but they often find things like this difficult to implement. We make sure your recipes look beautiful and work effortlessly. Don’t slow down your site using lots of plugins unnecessarily.

Your mouth-watering photos will be showcased

Let’s optimize the design to the type of photos (or videos) you like to use, rather than forcing you to use a pre-determined size or layout. When exploring recipe archives, we’ll use your images as well where applicable.

Your ads, subscriptions and calls-to-action will be optimally placed

We’ll ensure you comply with your ad network requirements (“above the fold” definitions, responsive ad formats etc) and can help you A/B test options. We start off each project by defining your goals and the actions you want people to take on your blog. For example, if you’re wanting to focus on growing your mailing list subscribers, we’ll assess various placement options for you and test what works best.

In the six months after we redesigned and streamlined Once Upon a Chef with a new responsive food blog design, Jennifer Segal’s traffic and advertising revenue increased threefold and new email subscribers went “through the roof”.

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Testimonials from food bloggers

“I live in the United States so initially I was a little wary about hiring a design team all the way in New Zealand, but those concerns turned out to be entirely unfounded. Hiring Rachel and Stephen to redesign my website was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. They are a pleasure to work with – always professional, responsive (despite the time difference), and knowledgeable – and my new site is as beautiful as it is functional.

The numbers speak for themselves: since the launch of the new site about six months ago, my traffic and advertising revenues have increased threefold. Not only that, new email subscriptions have gone through the roof, thanks to a more engaging design and sign-up process that is easy and seamless.

I have continued to work with Rachel and Stephen and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them – they are the top-notch!”

“We thank our lucky stars for the day that we discovered Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman — a smart, creative sister-and-brother team that designs beautiful websites, including our new one. They are consummate professionals and a joy to work with, and we can’t recommend them to you highly enough. We know you’ll thank us later. (You’re welcome.)”

“Working with Rachel and Stephen has been the smoothest of experiences, and they have continually impressed me with their professionalism, responsiveness, and creative thinking. The complete makeover and migration of a website can be a stressful and daunting project for a blogger to undertake, but I felt in the best of hands and would recommend their services wholeheartedly.”


Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman - food blog design pros

We’re Rachel Cunliffe and Stephen Merriman. Our specialty is creating custom responsive websites using WordPress. We use strategic methods and quantitative research to create beautiful websites which provide wonderful user experiences, well-organized content and are focused on increasing conversions. We’ll benchmark how your site is doing currently against key performance indicators so these can be tracked and assessed over time.

Ultimately, it’s all about getting your business results.
When your business succeeds, so does ours.

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