WordPress Maintenance

We upgrade your WordPress installation and plugins as required,
leaving you to focus on other things.

After you’ve been running your site for a while, you might be in need of one or more of the following:


WordPress regularly releases upgrades, either for adding new features or fixing security issues; for the latter reason, it is important to keep up to date with the latest version. WordPress will perform vital security updates for you automatically. However, for more major version upgrades, or plugin upgrades, you will see an administration message if an update is available.

We recommend backing up your site before performing an upgrade in case something in the plugins/theme becomes incompatible with the latest version which can’t be quickly fixed. We recommend using Jetpack’s automatic backup system for WordPress so that you have a separate backup from your web host.

If you would like us to handle the WordPress and plugin upgrades monthly, our fee is $400/year.

Bug fixing

Things change over time and bugs can creep into your website, frustrating you and your visitors. Let us help squish these for you!


If your website isn’t running WordPress, and you’d like it to, we can help you. We have moved websites over from Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, Typepad, Blogger, MovableType, and custom content management systems.

Most importantly, old links can be redirected over to the new ones so people visiting an old link will be automatically taken to the new one. And, wherever possible, we use redirects which retain all SEO benefits.

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