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We are highly experienced WordPress developers who convert your pre-existing designs into functional, easy-to-update websites which work nicely across devices.

We’re meticulous, fast-working and suggest usability improvements where appropriate.

If you already have your design sorted but are looking for a WordPress developer to code and build the site, we can handle this for you. You supply us all the finalized design files (Photoshop or Sketch) and design notes about how the site should function. We’ll review them, clarify anything we need more explanation or details on and then we can provide you with an estimate of time to do the build.

Estimated time to do the build will depend on the complexity of the design, the number of different templates and functionality required. For example, one site we recently quoted for had an expected build time of up to 12 hours work (4 simple templates), another was 20-30 hours work (12 more complex templates). Responsive websites require more time for consulting and coding.

We use HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Javascript. Attention is placed on standards-compliant code, usability and accessibility and also cross-browser/device checking.

We can also add new features to your current website.

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