We redesigned Appli-Tec’s website using WordPress as its content management system, with brand new content and a fresh new look.

Particular focus was placed on generating inquiries, establishing trust, credibility and reputation by communicating the company’s expertise in pre-mixed and frozen adhesives.

The site is fast-loading, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. It feels clean, calm, precise and informative.

— Tim Walsh, CEO Appli-Tec

Cre8d Design absorbed what we need (not an easy thing to do) and turn that into a brand new fully functional mobile-ready website. Their communication was excellent and the speed at which they performed tasks was excellent. I can sum up what Rachel and her company were able to do for us in three ways, on time, on budget, and done right.

Cre8d Design has done a great job for us and I highly recommend using them.


We created a searchable SDS database to save Appli-Tec many hours of customer queries and administration.

Rachel Cunliffe

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