Bois de Jasmin

We worked with Victoria Frolova to redesign her popular perfume blog, Bois de Jasmin.

Here’s the redesigned site:

And here’s how it looked before the redesign:

Her site is a rich repository of perfume reviews and information about various scents. You can explore perfumes by different attributes:

See latest perfume launches along with their rating:

Explore perfume notes (scents):

Visit the gourmand library:

You can also navigate between perfume reviews and their associated perfume note (scent) descriptions and vice versa, handy if you’re looking for a perfume which is similar to one you like!

The site was moved from Typepad (catch a glimpse of it here to WordPress and uses custom taxonomies, custom fields and featured images. The site is such an awesome way to explore perfumes, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Victoria on her site.

The site turned out beautiful and easy to navigate. And just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed working with both of you, and I admire your sense of style and your expertise. Even the first time I saw several of the sites on which you’ve done work, they just stood out to me right away. I hope that if I have other website projects, we will work together again. And of course, I will be counting on you to help me further with Bois de Jasmin in the future. So, thank you very much!

— Victoria Frolova
Rachel Cunliffe

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