Chew Out Loud

Amy and Davin Dong’s food blog Chew Out Loud provides budget-friendly fast accessible recipes for young moms. The site includes practical tips and tutorials on topics such as meal planning, meal prep, multiple meals, and handling leftovers.

The site was redesigned with a fresh new clean, simple, streamlined creative magazine-style layout highlighting various categories, and videos. A new logo and rebrand were also a part of the project.

The website is light, organized, easy to navigate, fast-loading, and provides a highly user-friendly experience on all devices (i.e. mobile-first/responsive design) and modern browsers.

The site focuses on establishing what Google refers to as E-A-T signals (Expertise, Authority, and Trust), and compliance with Google’s latest standards.

The website’s primary call to action is for visitors to easily find, read, and use recipe cards. Secondary calls to action are to subscribe to the newsletter (MailChimp) and to share and discuss recipes.

The site has approximately 1,000 recipes which were reorganized by the Chew Out Loud team, using guidance from cre8d.

The site is easy for the Chew Out Loud team to update and expand over time in WordPress. Particular emphasis was placed on search engine optimization through lightweight code, minimal plugin usage, meta descriptions and titles, image names, and site speed.

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