David Lebovitz

World-renowned pastry chef, author and food blogger.

We have been working with world-renowned pastry chef and author David Lebovitz since 2010. Initially he needed his site migrated from MovableType to WordPress and to have someone handle the technical aspects of his blog and design tweaks over time. We built out the recipe index and made the site more visually-oriented.

A lightweight mobile theme was added in 2013 using the WP Touch plugin. Mobile traffic to David’s site has grown consistently: from 4% of monthly sessions at the start of 2010 to 35% now.

In 2015, we redesigned his site with a fresh and very clean new look. Behind the scenes, it was entirely rebuilt to be fast-loading and responsive (aka desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly).

The focus was on a beautiful reading experience (particularly on mobile): lots of whitespace, larger fonts with suitable line lengths. In addition, we wanted to better promote David’s books with multiple purchasing options without cluttering up the page and well-placed advertising which worked across all screen sizes and devices.

David Lebovitz Custom WordPress Theme

Site features

Other new details in the custom WordPress website redesign include:

  • The layout was tailored to match David’s use of portrait-oriented photography in his blog posts.
  • Sidebars were simplified using Google Analytics data to determine which features were being used.
  • The recipe index was updated to also reflect visitor usage.
  • Improved sharing of images and posts.
  • Increased visibility of newsletter and blog post subscriptions.
  • A longer excerpt for the most recent blog post and easier scanning of earlier posts on the homepage which also makes for a faster loading experience.

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