Dramatic Pancake

There’s plenty of gorgeous food blogs out there, but Kathryn O’Malley’s newly launched blog, Dramatic Pancake, has a unique twist: it’s not just a recipe blog but one which tells the stories behind the recipes:

Dramatic Pancake is an exploration of interesting stories, favorite recipes and the meals that mean different things to all of us. Find out here how a marriage sprung from a cherry pie –- how a Wednesday-night tradition turned into a spin-off on spaghetti and meat sauce –- and what leeks have to do with love.

We did the design and development for her name blog which has some nice (subtle) design features and functionality: you can explore by person, recipe or course in the archives, her favorite links have been nicely presented and recipes are lovingly laid out.

Go read and enjoy!

Kathryn O’Malley came back to us wanting to focus the site some more so we worked with her ideas again and here’s how the site has changed:


…and after:

The homepage moved from a blog format to a magazine layout with flipping recipe cards (hover over a recipe to see how it works) and the logo design became more refined and simpler.

Launching a new website can be a daunting task, but Rachel and Stephen make the design aspect an incredibly fun, collaborative process. Thanks to their patience, accessibility, and exceptional talent, and I wound up with a beautiful, well-functioning site that has far surpassed my expectations. I cannot recommend cre8d design highly enough!”

— Kathryn O'Malley
Rachel Cunliffe

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