Forgotten Arts

Forgotten Arts runs small hands-on workshops in a beautiful converted stable complex on a lifestyle property near Clevedon. These will teach a broad variety of valuable skills such as soap making, knife-making, blacksmithing, mechanics, and beekeeping.

Workshops are targeted primarily at successful older adults who are mostly empty nesters with free time and money to spend. The workshops provide an exceptional high-quality experience, learning a new useful skill, meeting others and taking home something of value which they can say “I made it myself”. Workshops range from a couple of hours to a couple of days long, predominantly run by artisans who are outside contractors. These include candle making, soap making, knife making, home kill processing, leather work, basket making and paper making.

The website showcases the stunning location and high-quality professional offerings. It makes people feel enthralled with the offerings, excited, encourages interaction, get people wanting to get involved and share with their network.

The site feels professional, thorough, competent. While the workshops teach ancient arts, the technology is modern and works – simply.

Through the website, people can book and pay for workshops and receive an immediate acknowledgment, along with automated information.

Forgotten Arts

Rachel Cunliffe

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