Hungry Happens

Project Overview

Stella Drivas’ food recipe brand Hungry Happens was relaunched as a food blog to complement its recent social media viral success on TikTok and Instagram and to generate revenue. Hungry Happens – Live Your Life provides super-fun recipes, focusing largely on modern Greek and healthy desserts. We redesigned the logo and created custom icons and graphics for the site and recipes include TikTok videos.
The site is fresh, clean, simple modern, with a magazine-style layout to inspire visitors. It feels super fun, bright, and breezy. The website is light, organized, easy to navigate, fast-loading, and highly user-friendly on all devices (i.e. mobile-first/responsive design) and modern browsers. The website’s primary call to action is for visitors to explore lots of recipes. Potential secondary calls to action are to subscribe to the newsletter and follow on social media. Key performance indicators are visitors, session time, and subscriptions.

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