I Heart Naptime

Project Overview

I Heart Naptime specializes in family-friendly recipes for busy moms, tips, DIY crafts, and tutorials to help families create unforgettable moments. Launched in 2009, millions of people visit I Heart Naptime each month. The site and its 1,400+ recipes were redesigned and reorganized with a fresh new clean, simple, welcoming, modern magazine-style layout.
The website is light, organized, easy to navigate, fast-loading, and highly user-friendly on all devices (i.e. mobile-first/responsive design) and modern browsers. The website’s primary call to action is for visitors to easily find recipes. Secondary calls to action are to comment, review, subscribe to the newsletter, and follow on social media. Key performance indicators are visitors, subscriptions, and session time.

The site is easy for Jamielyn to update and expand over time in WordPress’s Gutenberg block editor. Particular emphasis will be placed on search engine optimization through lightweight code, minimal plugin usage, meta descriptions and titles, image names, and site speed.

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