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Project Overview

Key to Me (formerly Atideinu) is a not-for-profit afterschool social and emotional learning (SEL) program in Cleveland for Orthodox Jewish students in Grade 4-8. It offers an authentic, laidback rich environment for twenty kids at a time, two and a half hours twice a week with approximately one leader per three students. The program provides activities and space for downtime games or reading, a snack, daily activity, and an evening meal.

Key to Me is a leadership program for kids who are not yet thriving in their self-worth, self-identity, and self-confidence. It is a self-actualizing program which teaches basic foundational skills to become really high functioning people. It teaches them confidence, conflict resolution skills, how to become sensitive to their environment, how to develop their strengths, and work on their weaknesses. The curriculum is research-based and teaches Torah values. The website unifies both these important aspects for visitors.

Visitors who have a tour come away with a sense that they have wandered into a type of Narnia – a safe space for kids to be themselves, uninhibited, without expectations. A place for them to learn how to be the best version of themselves. The site reflects this unique value that the program brings and will look modern, fresh, clean and a sense of magic. Visitors should come away from the website thinking “I wish I had this as a kid. I wish I could send my kids there.”

We redesigned and reorganized their website to better convey what they offer to donors, grant providers, schools, and parents. 

The website is light, bright, organized, easy to navigate, fast-loading, and provides a highly user-friendly experience on all devices (i.e. responsive design/mobile-friendly) and modern browsers. The site is easy for Key to Me to update and expand over time in WordPress, such as adding new landing pages. Particular emphasis will be placed on search engine optimization through meta descriptions and titles, image names, and site speed.

New Logo

Key to Me Logo

We designed a bright and fresh new logo and brand identity for Key to Me, to coincide with the website redesign. 

New Middos Mention Icons 

Middos Mentions

Redesigned Website

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