We’ve booked our flights to South America now – we’re leaving Auckland on the 20th of June and returning on the 16th of July. We’re flying via Buenos Aires, Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. I’m really excited about the 9 day tour we’ll be doing with Intrepid which will take us through the Amazon staying in a little jungle hut, to Machu Picchu, Lima and Cuzco. We’re still needing to book our flights up to Igacu falls and look at tours into Uruguay. I’m going to play it safe by leaving my valuables safe at home (first time not wearing my wedding rings for any length of time, no laptop).

I’m full of anticipation for the trip – I don’t have too many preconceived ideas about what the place is like. I just think of The Motorcycle Diaries, Evita, tango, soccer, coffee and massive steaks… but I know there’s a lot more to discover. We’ve got a handy Rough Guide to South America and a teeny phrase book but I’m still looking out for an interesting book to read up on the culture and/or history.. any suggestions?

Anywhere we should go/eat at/stay at in those cities? Do you know of any great sites for South America? The ones I keep finding aren’t so great.

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