Growing up, I hardly ever used the desk which sat in my bedroom. Well, I did for storage but hardly ever for sitting at. My workspace was sprawling across the lounge or bedroom floor with everything spread out. At the end of the day, I’d put everything back on the desk. I loved having space and not feeling confined to a spot. I liked being around other people, other things going on in the background and a change of scene.

Ever since I started cre8d, I’ve pretty much employed the same type of habits – working all over the place: at the kitchen table, on the couch, on the floor, in the bedroom, outside, at the coffee shop. The time has come though for me to grow up a little and have a formal office space of my own. With cre8d growing, I need somewhere to file all the computer equipment, design inspiration ideas, books, magazines and arty pieces I’ve been collecting. I also need a bit more separation now Mr Toddler is on the move!

So I’m taking over a spare room in our house and can’t wait to get in and organising my very own office space! I’ve been hunting for a new desk (I probably will still roam!), couch and some bookshelving (an ongoing issue, since we don’t have IKEA here and I’ve been lusting after their Billy cases ever since I first stepped into an IKEA years ago). I’ve been looking on Etsy for some new art to inspire me when I’m working (I love this and this!). We have already painted one wall a gorgeous deep blue and put up three invisible shelves from Umbra which look fantastic.  I’ve had these cute little wooden pegs and want to put up some wire to hang pictures off.  For more ideas, I’ve been looking around Design*Sponge and lots of other little design blogs from all over the place.

I’m excited for 2010.  Delving into a whole new bunch of content-rich blogs today made me re-realise the wonder of blogging, of connecting with people all over the globe.  Over the past year, a lot of my personal “blogging” has been done inside the walled garden of Facebook and while that’s great, you just don’t get inspired by meeting new people in there.  In Facebook, I’m cautious about accepting friend requests from people I don’t know or have friends in common with.  Through blogging over the years since 2002, I have met some of the most wonderful people and some of my dear friends.

So I’ll still continue with blogging about the work we do in cre8d, but I want to share a bit more of my life through this blog so you get to know me more and hopefully I’ll meet lots more fantastic people throughout the year in return.

Here’s to new friendships, discovering and creating gorgeous new blogs!

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