It’s warming up here in New Zealand! Daylight savings has returned and the days are getting longer. The sunsets are swinging around to be in view again from our house up on a hill. We can open up all the sliding doors to hear more of the animals outside and let the fresh air in again.

Some of those animal noises have included baby lambs! We’ve just had the last lot born – a pair of twins:


Can you tell I’m a spring/summer person at heart? Sunshine makes me smile!

My family recently celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. When I was 12 I lived there, and my sister is married to a Canadian. I love the tradition and have written more about it on this blog in the past. We got to enjoy the first of our turkeys raised from an egg as the main course:


We’re currently working on a bunch of projects for various clients and will update our portfolio with them once they’re launched. These include an event management company, a cooking business, a couple of specialized businesses, a business consultant and a lifestyle blog! I really love working with completely different projects and learning new things. Coming in with fresh eyes helps me work with clients to ask questions which are very familiar to them, but not necessarily to their website visitors and potential clients.

In my spare time, I’ve been working on my daughter’s photo album of her first year (she’s almost 2 now though!) to give as a Christmas gift to the grandparents and to keep for us and for her when she’s older. I’ve been making our family’s photo albums for 2012 and 2013 too. I’ve blogged about how I do this here if you’re interested in making your own. I love using Blurb for them!

In the evenings, I’ve been getting back into doing some yoga with a lovely local teacher and we’ve started venturing back to the beach again.


I hope you are having a wonderful October too!

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