I’ve been doing lots of research this month into the Top 100 American food bloggers as based on Alexa rankings. I noticed that only two of them did something quite subtle and clever by slightly changing their Pinterest social media icon link.

They changed from the usual link like this: pinterest.com/rachelcunliffe
to pinterest.com/rachelcunliffe/?auto_follow=true
or pinterest.com/follow/rachelcunliffe

(The last two links work identically, I prefer the last one as it’s less techie!)

This subtle change of link means that anyone who clicks on the link on their desktop computer and is already signed into Pinterest (let’s face it, we always are) will automatically become a follower.

I checked with Pinterest’s community help on this and they recommended adding in a title tag to the link to clearly state that it’s a follow button (hover over my links above for an example).

Food bloggers, I encourage you to make this quick and simple change right now to increase your Pinterest followers!

How to grow your Pinterest followers in one simple step:

Add /follow before your username in your Pinterest icon link.

P.S. I’m creating a Pinterest board with the names and photos of the Top 100 food bloggers:

       Follow cre8d design | Food Blog Designer’s board Top Food Bloggers on Pinterest.

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