The past two weeks, I’ve sent you two spring-cleaning challenges, and today’s the third and final one with five tasks to tackle. (Missed them? Find them here and here.)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Ensure you only have two themes in WordPress: your current live theme and one alternative one as your backup. I use the official WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen for the backup. Don’t keep more than two, unless you’re currently trying out a bunch of themes.
  2. Check your footer says © 2018. Ideally, the year is updated automatically, but not every theme does this. Hunt around your theme files to adjust if needed.
  3. Fix broken links. Add your website here to find those links.
  4. Check your site speed. Add your website here. Biggest reasons why your site loads slowly? Too many scripts (plugins, ad code) and poorly optimized images.
  5. Check for any crawl issues or errors in Google Search Console. Check your website here.

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