In the book Dare to Lead, Brené Brown writes:

Clear is kind.
Unclear is unkind.

As we head into 2019, consider how you can describe your products and services with more clarity and truthfulness and less hype. Being unclear with what you offer helps no-one.

We’re all getting better at recognizing true quality
…including Google.

This is the focus of Yoast’s fantastic article about what SEO means in 2019. While there are hundreds of ranking factors that SEO experts talk about, the one thing that continues to be important over the years is quality: focus on having happy customers and search engines will follow.

“Your site needs to be technically flawless, offer a spectacular user experience, great content, targeted at the right audience at the right time in their user journey. Your site’s speed needs to improve. It also means incorporating and improving Schema structured data, as is one of the key developments for the year.”

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