We’re proud of The Daniel Group redesign. Over the past few years, the company completely overhauled its products, brought software development in-house, and realigned internal roles. The website was out of date with all these big developments, so we fully reorganized their website structure, content, and design.

HomeCare of the Rockies is one of our ongoing clients, and we create all their print plus digital marketing and training assets. Their website was out of date with their new training program focus for caregivers, had a lot of old content which needed reviewing to be in alignment with Google’s guidelines for health information, and just looked dated since its last redesign a number of years ago. The new site feels so much lighter, fresher, and more focused.

Studio Marie-Pierre is another of our ongoing clients and it was a pleasure to redesign their site for the third time to keep up with the latest in design trends and to reorganize and expand all the content. As we went through the content, we discovered a lot of it was dated information, and services had changed in offerings significantly.

A lot of the work we do isn’t what you might traditionally call design. 

It’s about strategizing, organizing, culling, editing, chunking, and asking a lot of questions first.

As an outsider to your business, we’ll ask what terms mean, why things are done the way they are, and check assumptions (often by looking at Google Analytics, or running tests.)

It’s about talking through options and figuring out the best way to present your content to visitors and to encourage them to take that next step.

Often we present too many options to people on a webpage, rather than focusing on the key action you’d like them to take, and measuring how effective the page is at doing its job.

Let’s talk about redesigning your website to align with where your business is today.

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