Many of our clients use Typekit (now called Adobe Fonts) for their web font licensing and are billed annually for their account by Adobe. (Not sure if you’re using Typekit? Check by looking at the source code of your site and searching for Typekit. You’ll see in the code if you are.)

Adobe is changing how they’re handling billing for Adobe Fonts. Some clients have received an email like this recently:

We’ve added a free year of Adobe XD CC to your account at this email address. This plan will provide your Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) font licensing & web font hosting for a full year from today.

At the end of your free year, you can renew Adobe XD or move to another subscription plan that fits your needs and price point. Adobe XD is just one of the Creative Cloud plans that now includes our complete library of fonts.

Adobe is giving Typekit account holders a free year of the fonts as a grace period, then you will need to pay for one (or more) Adobe app. Currently, the least expensive option in the US is $59.88 paid annually.

If you do nothing, the Adobe XC plan costs $119.88 paid annually, so it’s worth your while to ensure you switch plans if you don’t need (or want) the XC app.

Another option is to switch web font providers and pay a one-off fee, versus paying annually. We can assist with this if needed.

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