How We Work

If you would like a quote for our services, please complete our design survey. Alternatively, you can contact us. We aim to get back to you within a day.

We’re based in New Zealand, but clients say we’re more responsive than local companies.

While we might not be in the same room or time zone as you, we are very quick to respond to your messages. We will regularly schedule calls or video conferences with you, or you may schedule one with us:

We typically begin work at 12 PM Eastern. Plus, we work on your Sunday, so we’ll have things ready for you when you get to work Monday morning.

Project Management

We use a tool called Basecamp, and our password-protected website to host your website-in-progress. You and your team will be given logins to view the designs, communications, milestones, tasks etc. You’ll get updates via email as well, but having a central permanent archive of everything is great if you lose emails, or want to refer back to things at a later date.

Planning & Research

We’ll first spend some time discussing the project with you.

If your budget allows, we prefer to prepare a strategic plan first. We design based on thorough research, audited content and clearly defined goals including ascertaining the key actions people wish to take when visiting the website and making that as straightforward as possible for them. This includes background research, analyzing your site statistics, ideally surveying key stakeholders about their needs and discussion sessions to talk about your work, challenges you’re facing and your audience.

Learn more about the importance of research

Design & Development

We’ll discuss your ideas for the design based on our experiences both designing and developing sites along with running blogs ourselves. Designs are initially sent to you as images.

We typically do up to three different mockups for you and then tweak them through numerous revisions. For complex layouts or where there is a lot of content, we usually start with wireframes so that the focus is first on the content organization, rather than the look and feel. We build responsive designs by default i.e. sites which are mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly.

Once you’re happy, we code the site and give you a login to view it. We’ll add your content so you get a good idea of how the site will look when it goes live and can make tweaks as need be.

Launch & Beyond

When you’re ready, we’ll launch your new site.

There may be minor adjustments again that you’d like afterward – this is included in your quote.

Training & Support

We provide a thorough User Guide on how to update your website.

If you have questions about how to do things for the code that we provide, we’ll quickly help you for no additional cost (even if it’s long down the track).


We are available for ongoing consulting and website updates.


Allow approximately a month from start to finish for most sites. The timeline may progress more slowly or rapidly depending on the time for you to provide feedback on concepts, ideas, and questions along with content, logins and other details we need.

Putting together a successful site is a collaborative process and we will involve you with constantly along the way so that you end up with a site which realizes your goals.

We are currently taking new clients.

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