How We Work

If you would like a quote for our services, please complete our design survey. Alternatively, you can contact us. We aim to get back to you within a day.

We’re based in New Zealand. Our clients say we’re more responsive than local companies.

While we might not be in the same time zone as you, we are very quick to respond to your messages. We will regularly schedule calls or video conferences with you, or you may schedule one with us.

We typically begin work at 12 PM Eastern. We work on your Sunday, so we’ll have things ready for you when you begin work on Monday.


Throughout the project, you may book a call at any time using Calendly. We use Zoom for conference calls – voice, video, or screen share as appropriate. Call notes are shared after meetings.

We use Basecamp for project management. Everyone involved in the project will be provided a login where they can view the designs, see all communications, and exactly where the project is at, at all times. For example, seeing to-do items being crossed off and track project milestones.

You will get a copy of Basecamp communications via email as well. Having a central permanent archive of everything is great if you lose an email, bring a new team member on board, or wish to refer back to things at a later date.


In this phase, we collect and review essential information and learn about your business, industry, and competitors. We’ll refine the goals of the design project and determine key actions you wish your website visitors to take. Your key performance indicators will be defined.

Learn more about the importance of research


Next, your sitemap will be finalized, along with how users will flow through your website and the key actions you’d like them to take.

We’ll start with wireframes where we lay out the content and focus on ensuring all the content and features are there which needs to be, superfluous details are removed, and everything is given the correct prominence. We use Dropbox to share files.

We’ll read, review your content, and make recommendations for how to better present your message in terms of design and images – as well as taking into consideration mobile and other factors.

Once the wireframes are signed off, we add in design elements such as fonts, colors, graphics, and icons. We don’t limit the number of revisions in your contract. We explore various options until we find the best fit for your brand.

You’ll receive a style guide in PDF format for you to refer to for your other marketing initiatives.


In this phase, the designs are converted into a custom WordPress theme completely built from scratch. We specialize in lightweight mobile-friendly themes that are fast-loading, optimized for search engines, and easy for you to update over time.

WordPress will be set up, along with the relevant plugins.

Your site will be developed on a password-protected server and your content will be migrated to it. Next, the site will be thoroughly tested on a variety of devices.

Once you have approved the site preview, we’ll provide a login and detailed user guide with full written instructions for how to add content, update and maintain your site.

Then, we schedule the site to go live at a time suitable for both our schedules. This process typically takes an hour or two.


At any time, you may book a screen share training call to cover any specific part of the user guide, to receive an overview of how the backend is set up, and to answer your questions. We’re here to support your transition to the new websites.

We provide a very personal service – so even if you have questions long down the track about how to do things for the features and code that we provide, we’re able to help support you for no additional cost.

You may be wondering how things work in practice when we’re not able to be in the same room as you while working on this project. It actually works extremely well. The key ingredient to this success is that we are very quick to respond to you. Clients regularly tell us how fast we are.

We’re always available for a phone or video call to talk. At any point through the project, you may schedule a call with us.


Once the project has been completed, we are available for additional ongoing work, billed separately.

Examples include our WordPress maintenance package, running experiments, site updates, content, print design, social media campaigns, email campaigns, advertising, and consulting.


Allow approximately six weeks from start to finish for most sites.

Once your deposit has been received, you will receive your milestones timeline along with dates added, and accounting for any periods of unavailability by us or you.

For this process to be efficient, you must provide timely feedback and information. Putting together a successful site is a collaborative process.

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