Web Design Consulting

You probably have a whole lot of ideas for your website. Great! Instead of rushing to redesign your website, it can be much more efficient and productive to first get a strategic plan developed so that everything is done for the right reasons. Perhaps it is more business inquiries or increased ad revenue, whatever the case, redesigning without clearly measurable goals can be a big waste of time and money.

With my background as a statistician, I can delve into your Google Analytics data, discover insights for you and test out your ideas. I’m passionate about using both quantitative and qualitative research to improve your website.

I keep abreast of design trends, online marketing strategies by working with a broad range of individuals and businesses. As an avid non-fiction reader, I glean new ideas and can suggest how these can work for your business.

Appetizer Package

  • Unlimited consulting emails with Rachel
  • Unlimited 15-minute consulting calls with Rachel
  • 1-month commitment
  • $250 per month

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