In this tutorial I cover the following:

  1. Installing a free FTP program and connecting to your website
  2. Creating a database for WordPress.
  3. Installing WordPress.
  4. Configuring WordPress settings.
  5. Setting up permalinks.
  6. Writing and editing a post.
  7. Uploading images.
  8. Creating a blog roll (list of links).
  9. Setting up an about page.
  10. Installing a plugin.
  11. Setting up a contact page with a contact form.

The resulting site after Tutorial 1 is found at CelebCynic.

This only covers half the items I wanted to cover in the first screencast but it’s getting rather large already (~70MB) and long (30 minutes). The other items will be covered in part 2 of the tutorial.

Download the WordPress Quickstart Screencast Tutorial (1)

If you find this helpful, please let me know!

If you’re feeling extremely grateful, I would appreciate accept any iTunes vouchers (in New Zealand we cannot legally buy music for iPods – our credit cards/Paypal accounts aren’t accepted).

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