To kick off my blog for 2007, I am going to write a series of posts for people wanting to know how to create a WordPress theme. Here’s some resources I’ve found useful for putting one together:

  • Graphic design:
    • Useful to have: Photoshop/Fireworks or the like to create your graphics
    • For inspiration: sites like Netdiver, Design Melt Down, CSS Beauty, Unmatched Style etc can help sometimes.
    • Color scheme ideas: Colorschemer, Daily Color Scheme and Flickr (photos are a brilliant source for color combinations). Flip through your favourite magazines (I love looking through my How Magazines and books for ideas. Look at how you’ve designed your house/bedroom/office – what color combinations do you like?
    • Fonts: DaFont for free fonts and Linotype for purchasing professional fonts.
    • Images: SXC for free photos and iStockPhoto for inexpensive illustrations and photos.
  • XHTML/CSS templating:
  • Understanding how WordPress themes are put together. I can’t emphasise enough how important the WordPress manual is. Don’t miss the Stepping into templates information.
  • Understanding “the loop” and various WordPress tags.
  • Knowing when and how to install plugins. has many plugins, but doing a Google or delicious search for “WordPress plugin” and then the type of plugin you’re wanting will help you find many others.
  • Knowing at least a little bit of PHP if you don’t want to feel so scared by WordPress tags, the loop, plugins and your templates. There’s some tutorials on W3Schools which can help.

Have you found any others which you find essential?

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