In March 2009, James Bridle compiled all two years of his tweets into a 270 page hardback book. James thinks he was the first to do it. It looks just like a novel:

The process was quite involved and time consuming. He wrote his own script to pull down all his tweets (although there are plenty of options out there now) and then pulled them into InDesign using another script before printing it with Lulu.

“When Twitter is inevitably replaced by something else, I don’t want to lose all those incidentals, the casual asides, the remarks and responses. That’s all really. This seems like a nice way to do it, and I’ll probably do it again in a couple of years time.” – James

In the comments section of his blog post, Benedict Leigh says:

“The loss of ephemeral daily information about life passing, not for me (or even my children) but for grandchildren is one of the things that worry me about the way I use sites like this.”

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