I regularly get emails from potential clients asking if we do websites as well as blogs. I explain that we do, and that most of the sites we do for businesses are a standard website with a blog component but that we use WordPress to run the entire site.

There’s lots of advantages to running your entire site though WordPress (i.e. using WordPress as your content management system):

  • You can log in and make changes to any part of your website from the same interface.
  • If you make a change to the design, you only need to make it in one place. Your site will keep its cohesion and consistency building it all in one tool.
  • You only need to learn one interface.
  • You only need to maintain one content management system – i.e. only one tool to upgrade.
  • You can easily integrate content – it’s much simpler to include snippets from your blog on your homepage if it’s all done in WordPress.
  • WordPress has great in-built SEO, and there’s a number of plugins which improve this even more.
  • You can leverage off all the plugins and code already written for WordPress, without having to pay additional for custom built solutions.
  • WordPress is so easy to use and extend to your needs.

I’ve seen so many business sites use no content management system but they use WordPress just for their blog section of the site and it’s such a headache for site owners to keep their business pages fresh and current – even while they’re regularly blogging.

What’s more, you don’t even have to have a blog on your site at all to make use of WordPress.

Here’s some examples of sites built in WordPress which have a news/blog section as just a part of their site or no blog at all:

WordPress isn’t the solution for all websites, but for many small and medium businesses, it is an excellent candidate for the job.

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