Free social media icon set


100 free icons in eleven sizes with transparent backgrounds, making them nice and easy to adapt. It’s current for 2013 and includes Vine, Pinterest, Good Reads, Google Plus etc. Grab them from Simple Icons.

Free website icon set


300+ free icons for websites which can be resized and also used as a webfont. Grab them from Batch.

Handwritten font maker


iFontMaker is a $6.99 iPad app which makes it easy to create your own fonts. There’s also a gallery of fonts people have created with the app for you to download and use (check the license).

Content idea generator


Stuck for a blog post idea? Try this content idea generator. It’s a bit of fun but I do love the little tips you get and it could help you think of a new idea or two.

Free terms of service template

Most bloggers have a terms of service but many just copy and paste theirs from elsewhere rather than hiring a lawyer to write them for them. Editorially have released their well-written terms of service under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license and have helpfully written advice about the process too. If you’re looking for a terms of service as your starting point, have a look at theirs.

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