Each Tuesday this year, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been reading which I have been inspired by or learnt from.

I recently was being driven slightly mad by a large number of itchy bites. It’s summer here in New Zealand and mosquitos have been out in force attacking me. I started Googling to try and find something to calm the bites down and came across this post which claimed to reveal a miraculous cure. Normally I’m very skeptical of such claims (especially online) but I was desperate for ideas and the large number of comments from people saying it really worked was enough to convince me to give it a try. I don’t use capital letters online too often but let me just say IT REALLY WORKED. Instant relief! I’m going to use this tip for years to come.

I’ve been following The Minimalists blog for a while, and am interested in reading their new book: Everything that Remains. Have added it to my Goodreads list.

I read this earlier, but have been pondering Is the Internet a Mob without Consequence? ever since, along with Epic Fail: Could We Be Closer To A Justine Sacco Moment Than We Realize?. I wonder how she’s doing now that she’s out of the limelight but dealing with the ramifications far longer than she’ll be in most people’s minds.

And, finally, I liked “Why you should seek quiet every day. If you think for a living, you should get some quiet.”

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