My four year old son regularly amazes me with the things he says. He loves to play on words and make up new ones, or deliberately say things incorrectly as a joke. He is currently in a phase of telling the most interesting stories with a very straight face which all start off “When I was at Teagan’s house…” All the things they did at his friend’s house are quite impossible but wonderful all the same.

He also notices all sorts of things I don’t.

Yesterday as he ate a piece of raspberry jam toast he said, “Mum, I’m so happy that we have Mickey Mouse on our bread.” I looked at the shape of his bread to see if he’d eaten out the shape of Mickey Mouse’s ears or something. Nope. I asked him to explain. He told me it was on the packet up the top, the plastic bit.

I went over to him and had a look at the plastic bit he was talking about. Ah, it was the bread tag. Then I realised he was right. For the first time in my life, I saw Mickey Mouse on a bread tag.

Bread tag

It was actually an amazing feeling to see it, to discover his discovery.

I’m inspired to see old things in a new light. To look closely at things differently.

I told him he was wonderfully observant, and he learnt a new word yesterday.

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